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Gabriela Garza-Padilla is an artist that speaks not only with the colors and lines in her works, but with her soul.
  Amira Saadat, owner of Collection Privee Gallery, Miami Beach
“What one of a kind imagination that exists inside this artist’s mind!
  Jose Roquero y de Teresa, Association Internacionale des Critiques D’Art Paris, France 2006
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Welcome to my website. Enjoy my visions where I manifest my own interpretation of beauty, mind and spirituality.

In water began life and into her it multiplies. Since the darkness of the beginnings and the humidity of women, is always the birth and the creation of bodies…of ideas that manifest anything. Mind and uterus. Abismal depths. Watery worlds. Woman painter. Sorcerer. I invoke through my colors and drawings the veiled mystery of being, of being alive and transform our reality.

The painter who paint a reality that changes with the solely presence of the witness. Quantum pshysics. The laboratory description of Faith. Pure spirituality. Ancient wisdom. And I paint myself thinking, like the mirror in front of another mirror. Endless path. Waves in the universal pond.

I am the restless weaver using the threads that put together all that exists. Consciousness. We all are more than to what the eyes perceive. And I use symbols, archetypes and colors to speak directly not to the eyes and consciousness of people, but to the deepest mind that rests in the bottom of everything.

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